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CRDS will support you to achieve the success you desire, helping you to accomplish even more; for all students (undergrad, diploma, graduate); as a member of the campus community, and eventually as a graduate of the university.

CRDS wants all of our students to be aware of the University of Calgary's services and to support their learning and career needs. There are a number of helpful links to explore, related to student accommodations, career planning and academic support.

**Full transfer into the BCR program does not include the junior human science prerequisite requirement**
Note: The junior science is the 21st course that is required to be completed prior to graduating. Please check with either Sarah or Beth to see if you have fulfilled this requirement.

NEW: CORE 323- Introduction to Disability Studies for non Disability Studies Transfer Student

All diplomas listed are a full transfer into the program, please note that once you are admitted and you have a non disability diploma you must take CORE 323 when admitted into the BCR program as one of your required CORE courses.

Please refer to College/University Diploma link (below) to view if your diploma requires CORE 323.

basic CRDS Block Transfer Status.pdf

Please note: There is a NEW BCR student planner for students who are admitted for fall 2013 semesters. The old planner does not pertain to newly admits.
click for BCR Student Planner

BCR Student Template
A template to show students (both in Calgary and distance) where they are in the program before graduating. There are 2 templates: 1. one for students admitted BEFORE Fall 2013 (under revision) and 2. one for students admitted for Fall 2013 onwards.
download BCR Student template for those admitted Fall 2013 onward

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
FAQs (undergrad BCR)
FAQs (Graduate Studies)


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- U of C bookstore (provides textbook rentals; look under "On Our Shelves")
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