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Markin URSP and Graeme Bell travel rewards: Markin USRP & Graeme Bell travel rewards.pdf
Application deadline: Sept 14, 2012

We are interested in research initiatives that identify trends, devise innovative solutions and create proactive ways of thinking about the citizenship of persons with disabling conditions and chronic health concerns.

To conduct research that will inform decisions and policy in a changing Canadian educational and structural context.

To develop new research strategies and methodologies that are tailored to the particular needs of Community Rehabilitation service users and service providers.

Many research approaches presently in use are adapted from other disciplines or from use with approaches and methods that are collaborative, participatory and positive for persons with disabling conditions, their families and communities, and the professionals who work with them.

Shared national and international interest on: emotional concerns inherent in back-to-work programs; new challenges in providing community based support; the communitization of health and social services; the potentials of self-organizing communities and the reality of small business models in community practice.