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Police Security Check

CPS webpage: http://www.calgarypolice.ca/community-policecheck.html

Practicum students can get their police checks done at a reduced rate provided they also submit a letter from the CRDS practicum coordinator. You can request a copy of that letter by contacting:
- From May 15 - Aug 14 - CRDS admin: 403-220-2985
- From Aug 15 - May 14 - CRDS Practicum Coordinator: 403-220-2416

Students will also need to get a "vulnerable persons check"

Please note that security and vulnerable persons checks can only be done locally (at the Calgary Police Service office) for students who are residents of Calgary. If you are a student coming to U of C from another location (even if you plan to live in Calgary for the duration of the school year) you MUST apply for your security checks with either your local police service or if you are from a smaller centre without a local police force, then with your local RCMP detachment. You can still, however, contact CRDS to request the same letter that may help to reduce the cost of the check. CRDS cannot ensure this reduced cost with any other service outside of Calgary though.