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Combined Degree in Psychology

(not available for diploma transfer students)

The Faculties of Social Science and Medicine offer the combined BA or BSc (Psychology) and BCR (Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies) Degrees

Who should take this program?

Students in Psychology, wishing to work in community organizations but who may not have received practical experience, and BCR students who want a psychology degree as well.

How will you benefit?

  • Supervised community practice.
  • Access to contact with over 250 community service agencies.
  • Excellent employment prospects for graduates.
  • BCR serves as entry level professional degree for rehabilitation practitioners.

What's the admission route?

  • Year 1: Enter Faculty of Social Sciences with a major in Psychology.
  • Complete 10 full-course equivalents in your Social Sciences Program.
  • Apply to BCR for admission to Combined Degree Program.
  • Meet admission requirements of CRDS at the time of admission.

For more information please contact:

Sarah Hawley


  • 5-year program.
  • Requires 25 full-course equivalents for completion.
  • Jointly sponsored by two faculties (Medicine, Social Sciences).
  • Courses must be carefully selected to complete all requirements. For guidance, contact the Associate Dean (Student Affairs), Social Sciences, and the Student Advisor in CRDS.