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Adapted and Therapeutic Physical Activity (BCR)

Students with a Bachelor's of Kinesiology, course work from CRDS (as part of their minor) and two years experience in the field can apply to be registered through the Canadian Association of Rehabilitation Professionals (RRP: Registered Rehabilitation Professional) in the following areas:

Vocational Rehabilitation and Disability Management
Kinesiology background gives students the ability to understand ergonomics, biomechanics, assessment and how to adapt and facilitate movement and workplace routines

Inclusive practices in Physical Education
For pedagogy students wishing to enter the MT program.

Therapeutic Recreation
Therapeutic Recreation within congregate care facilities for children and seniors. May specialize in adapted fitness and sport, recreation within Municipal programs, Options, Coaching.

Courses in the Minor

Two half course equivalents from the following Introductory courses:

CORE 205: Introduction to Disability Studies

Introduces topics in this rapidly human service industry. Students lean about various support systems that are available for persons with disabilities. This is delivered on campus with volunteer placement in an adapted leisure or exercise setting.

CORE 207: Introduction to Community Rehabilitation Practice

Provides an overview of the many approaches used in the fields of rehabilitation and disability. Students in this on campus course gain firsthand experience through labs and practica in areas such as remedial teaching, counseling and adapting environments.

CORE 209: Disability in Theory and Everyday Life

Offered on campus as a way of introducing students to current theoretical and research issues throughout the life span that impact on attitudes and services to people with disabling conditions.

Two half course practica:

CORE 485, 487, 594, 595

Three required Kinesiology courses:

KNES 367: Adapted Physical Activities
Provides and examination of specific problems within the psychomotor domain along with resources and techniques for their remediation

KNES 330, 371, 373, OR 433

Three required CORE courses:

Two of CORE 545, 547:
Disability Across the Life Span

One of CORE 470 series (471, 473): Community Rehabilitation Practice and Special Needs Children (471), Career Development (473):
Students explore current professional practices within the major service delivery options.



For more information please contact:

Sarah Hawley