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Developmental Aide

Please check the posting in .pdf: Developmental Aide Ad-1.pdf

Part-time Care-giver / Respite Worker

Looking for a loving, dedicated part time care-giver and/or respite worker

We have 3 children and are looking for someone who would come into our home and take care of our children while we are at work. It is part-time afternoon/evening time frame (2-8pm or so) for weekdays, or daytime on weekends.

We have 5yr old twins (a boy and a girl) and a 20 month old little guy. Our daughter and or little guy have a rare chromosomal disorder and have global developmental delay. They also both have a seizure disorder (that is very well controlled with medications).

Our twin son is an amazingly happy, helpful and kind little boy. Our twin daughter is non-verbal but is very good at communicating her needs. We have been working with the PECS program or iPad app Speak for Yourself. Our youngest is not yet crawling, but is the happiest little person you'll meet who is full of giggles.

We are searching for someone who loves working with children. We’d like that you have an understanding of developmental delays and is knowledgeable and comfortable in case of medical emergency. Even with the unique nature of our family, we are looking for someone who is just willing to be a kid at heart with our children.

My husband and I both work shift work and have schedules that are not set specific week to week. I am able to work from home in our office.

We live just off of a bus route, and very close to the West leg LRT. You would not be responsible for transporting our kids anywhere on your own so a car is not mandatory. Police Security Clearance, First Aid and References are required.

If you are interested, please email Tim at twhelan7@yahoo.com or call 403.305.7880 if you'd like more information

Summer Student: Vocational Consultant

Please check the posting in .pdf: JOB POSTING 2014 VR Summer Student U of C BCR.pdf

Self-regulation Program of Awareness & Resilience in Kids (spark*)
Support Worker

Support worker will provide 1:1 home-based therapy, being responsible for implementing the designated program and evaluating child progress.

Up to 16 hours of training, lesson preparation and modeling prior to working with child

2 hours per week of direct intervention for up to 30 sessions during late day/early evening on weekdays or during day on weekends

1.5 hours per week of lesson and material preparation and documentation of progress for up to 15 weeks

1.0 hours per week meeting with parent(s) and Program Leader to evaluate program and discuss child progress for up to 15 weeks during day on weekdays

The Support Worker is considered an independent contractor and not an employee. The pay is $25 per hour (as described in Hours above); transportation to and from place of work is the responsibility of the worker.

Reporting to and under the supervision of the Program Leader, the Support Worker’s primary responsibility is to provide direct intervention to the designated child.

The Support Worker will also collaborate with members of the child’s family to provide a holistic, client and family-centered approach.

The Support Worker is responsible for ensuring compliance with spark* program as written in The Autistic Child’s Guide (spark* manual) and as directed by the Program Leader verbally or in writing,

1. Implements spark* as indicated in The Autistic Child’s Guide and shown and discussed with the Program Leader.
2. Contributes to the revision of the program to ensure that it is consistent with child needs and family culture and values.
3. Monitors child progress through data collection and analysis via observation of the child and input from the family and documents the information on the POET (Plan-Observe-Evaluate-Target) notes.
4. Videotapes the implementation of every second spark* session, places in the designated Dropbox and shares with the Program Leader.
5. With the guidance of the Program Leader, models and provides coaching on the implementation of spark* skills and strategies to parents and family members.
6. Facilitates sessions with siblings and parents as appropriate.
7. Provides modeling in intervention methods and strategies as needed.
8. Maintains a positive working environment for all team members by demonstrating a high level of skill in interdisciplinary team building, conflict resolution, and collaboration.
9. Seeks consultation from Program Leader as needed.
10. Develops schedule in conjunction with the family and communicates with others regarding changes.
11. Participates in regular progress meetings with parents and Program Leader.
12. Assists with meeting preparation (e.g., minutes and agendas).
13. Cares for materials used in the program.
14. Maintains confidentiality at all times such that information learned in the context of a professional relationship is not shared outside the spark* team unless given written authorization by the parents or as legally required.
15. Completes and submit timesheet to parents on a weekly basis.
16. Produces/contributes to assessments and reports as required.
17. Other activities as required/directed.

Minimum 2 years’ experience working with school-aged children. Preferred if experience is with children with learning disabilities and/or autism spectrum disorder.

Post-secondary education in a related field (social work, disability studies, psychology, etc.)

An equivalent combination of education and experience will be considered.

Availability to work late afternoon or early evenings on week days and during the weekend.

Effective time management, organizational and problem solving skills.

Ability to work independently as well as in a team environment.

Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Enthusiasm, commitment, willingness to learn and desire to make a difference.

A satisfactory criminal record and child sexual abuse registry check.

Must have a valid Alberta driver’s license, reliable vehicle and proof of car insurance.

Please contact: Greg or Ellen Kraminsky
Phone: 403-251-6360
Email: Kraminsky@shaw.ca