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Developmental Therapy Aide
Part Time

Position: Developmental therapy aide for a one year contract with FSCD – Specialized Services
Period: Beginning December 2014 or January 2015
Salary: $ 25 per hour
Location: Glenbrook: In the Family’s Home

The parents of a two year old child with Potocki-Lupski Syndrome are looking to contract a Therapy Aide for in-home therapy as part of a new Specialized services contract through FSCD . The aide will work as part of a team with family and therapists (PT, OT and Speech as well as psychologist) following goals as developed in the child’s ISP (Integrated service plan).

Our child is beginning to learn how to crawl/walk, speak, and play with others, and the aide will assist the parents to implement the strategies as identified by the therapy team.

This is an ideal position for students in a health-related field who are looking for experience with children.

The hours will be approximately 15 hours/week, and will be from about 3pm-6pm daily, with some room for flexibility.


Enjoy working with children
Able to follow instruction and apply these instructions
Creative with ideas to encourage child’s involvement
Ability to work well in a team setting with parents, child, and therapists learning together
Previous experience with special needs children an asset or strong willingness to learn
References required

Duties and Responsibilities

Carry out intervention strategies as outlined by the therapy team and family
Work collaboratively with parents and team to evaluate and revise goals as required
Ongoing training will be provided in order to meet the unique needs of the child and family

Send descriptive letter of interest and resume to nmandrosoff@gmail.com