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What to investigate as a MSc or PhD student? What to do after graduation?

For an example, check this Youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84TaYi15vps&feature=channel

As a PhD and MSc student in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies (CRDS) students can investigate with a disability studies lens various academic disciplines and their research questions.

In general there are two academic career paths for a graduate student in CRDS:

  1. Students seek an academic position within a disability studies program at a university after they finished their PhD
  2. Students seek after their PhD an academic position within a faculty, department of their choice where they would contribute with a disability studies lens to the academic output of the given faculty and department

The table below gives you some ideas which university academic fields have research questions that could be investigated through a disability studies link.

If you choose route 2 you very likely will try to get known within a given research area which relates to an academic field for which you could apply for an academic position.

If you do an MSc with CRDS you can go on with a PhD in CRDS or you could do a PhD in another faculty which relates to your MSc thesis topic.

If you do a PhD with CRDS you could apply to another faculty as a Post-Doc torate seeking an academic position.

The opportunities for academic research areas in need of a disability studies lens are vast.

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