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E. Anne Hughson, PhD (Director/Associate Professor)
Areas of interest include addressing issues of violence for people with disabilities, parenting with a developmental disability, family advocacy and leadership development, inclusive education policy and practice, ethics of inclusion and caring, social program research and evaluation, mental health supports for individuals with disabilities, continuing professional education in community and disability field, community capacity building, individual and collective advocacy, innovation in human service systems.

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Faculty (alphabetically by surname) & Research Interests

Cheryl Crocker | Patti DesJardine | Carla Hamarsnes | Bonnie Lashewicz | Nancy Marlett | Katrina Milaney | Beth Parrott | Pat Winter | Gregor Wolbring

Cheryl Crocker (Sessional Instructor)
Cheryl has acted as the principal or co-investigator on research projects in the areas of workforce, sexual sterilization settlement, self advocacy and person centered planning and community capacity building.

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Patti DesJardine (Practicum Coordinator/Sessional Instructor)
Patti's area of interets are in special education, particularly children with multiple and complex needs, human rights for children with special needs and the family experience of raising children with special needs.

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Carla Hamarsnes, MEd (Sessional Instructor)
Areas of interest include aging/gerontology, informal supports, community development and value-based training.

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Bonnie Lashewicz, PhD (Associate Professor)
Areas of interest: equity, sibling relationships, aging and caregiving families. Current research focus: relationships, negotiation and conflict among siblings of people with disabiliites and among siblings caring for aging parents. This work is aimed at advancing understandings of the complexity fo family relationships and challenging idealized views of families as havens where care and accommodation occur naturally and harmoniously.

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Nancy Marlett, PhD (Associate Professor)
Research and publications have looked at the effects that systems, assessment treatment methods, and professional roles have on the lives of persons with disabling conditions. Dr. Marlett continues to research computer telecommunications and adult education.

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Katrina Milaney, PhD (Assistant Professor/Graduate Student Advisor)
Dr. Katrina Milaney joined the Faculty of Medicine, Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies program as Assistant Professor on July 1. Dr. Milaney has ten years experience in research and public policy and was the Vice President of Research and Strategic Planning for the Calgary Homeless Foundation prior to her appointment.

Dr. Milaney's areas of interest and expertise are in critical theory and social determinants. In particular, disability, homelessness, gender, mental health and the ways in which political ideology influences public systems.

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Beth Parrott, MSc (Instructor/Undergraduate Student Advisor)
Areas of interest include professional practice, children with special needs, rehabilitation management, and reflective practice.

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Pat Winter (Instructor)
Areas of interest: Policy affecting people with disabilities, poverty, professional ethics, seniors and disability across the lifespan.

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Gregor Wolbring , PhD (Associate Professor)
Key Interests: Ability governance, Social, ethical, legal, economic, cultural and governance issues of new, emerging and converging sciences and technologies (S&T) such as nanoscale S&T (feed, food, water), molecular manufacturing, aging, longevity and immortality research, cognitive sciences, neuromorphic engineering, genetics, synthetic biology, bodily enhancement S&T, in vitro meat, artificial intelligence and robotics; Impact of S&T on: marginalized populations especially disabled people; Sports; human security, human right, personhood, sentient rights; concept of disability impairment, ableism and transhumanism; models and determinants of health; global health, tele-health, health- (technology assessment, law, care and policies); medical anthropology; foresight studies, bioethics issues, role of different stakeholders and evaluation of existing S&T discourses.

For what his students do go here http://www.crds.org/research/faculty/Gregor_Wolbring.shtml

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