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College/University Diploma

Most community colleges/universities list two year community service diplomas related to disability, therapy assistants, aging, mental health, youth & child care, classroom support, therapeutic recreation, psychiatric nursing, deaf/blind/addictive counselling, etc. These programs provide an excellent foundation for advanced education in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies.

Many of these programs have negotiated block transfer to the BCR at the U of C.

BCR Block transfer agreements

All diploma listed are a full transfer into the program, please note that once you are admitted into the BCR program and you have a non disability diploma you must take CORE 323. Please refer to the link below (and for the home page link you can put above) to view if your diploma requires CORE 323.

If your college/university is on this list, go directly to Undergraduate BCR application information

If your college/university is not on this list, contact us about how to apply